Compare Balers & Compactors Side-By-Side

Trying to figure out which vertical baler, horizontal baler, apartment compactor or any cardboard / waste processing piece of equipment is not always easy! Figuring out what manufacturer to move forward with may be a challenge alone without the right tools. Let our side-by-side comparison tool help you do the heavy lifting. Select the pieces of industrial recycling equipment you are interested in from our comprehensive list, and we'll take care of the rest.

Our powerful baler and compactor comparison tool lets you compare multiple balers, so you can see how they stack up at a glance. Compare features,, compaction pressure, horse power, footprint, bale weights and more.

Our tool can help you make sure your local rep is telling you the correct information. If you are not 100% sure what baler or compactor to choose based on the material you are looking to process, visit our material selection tool, input all the material you are wanting to process and the tonnages / volumes and you will get a detailed list of the products that can handle your application requirements.